We believe in being open and honest.

When we made the decision to start this movement, we knew that the only way we could proceed was to be 100% transparent with you about every single aspect of any money going in out of our hands.

The THIS IS NOT NORMAL stickers (and eventually pins, shirts, etc.) are being created for you to spread the message that we are unwilling to accept a reality in which aggressive and divisive acts that promote fear, hatred and violence will never be tolerated and will never be normalized. Our intention is not to make a profit, but rather to provide you with a tool that will allow your voice to be heard while directing all support to the organizations that so desperately depend on it.

This section of the site will be devoted to a running tally of any and all operational costs associated with The Normal Coalition. After paying the extremely minimal costs to keep up this website and cover the costs of making and shipping merchandise, every single cent will be donated equally amongst the organizations we have chosen to represent. The product description of every piece of merchandise that we create will show a breakdown of the cost to manufacture, the cost to package and the cost ship the item directly to you so that with you can see exactly how much of your money is being donated with every purchase.

We will update the progress of any purchases that we make to cover manufacturing, maintenance and promotion, the total sales we take in and the amounts of our donations to all of the organizations that we represent on a monthly basis. You will be able to view these reports here.

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