The Normal Coalition

This is not normal.


Our Mission

To raise public awareness of the misguided and dangerous normalization of hate speech, sexism, racism, nationalism and discrimination and to provide a path to the proper tools and resources to better educate and aid the public in their fight against these ominous devices whose sole purpose is to divide, destroy and subjugate.

To provide a forum for the voiceless and the unheard to share their stories, their struggles and their ideas in a safe space.

To call out and work against government officials at all levels, politicians, lobbyists, campaigns and organizations who use their influence or their message to encourage a divide between people, incite hatred and violence or establish policies and laws that discriminate against or endanger the lives of citizens.

To unite our individual voices as one loud chorus that proclaims that we will not tolerate the tactics of hate, fear-mongering and division to guide the direction of our lives any further. 

To loudly exclaim “THIS IS NOT NORMAL” in our daily lives, online AND offline, when faced with attempts from people to normalize destructive and demeaning policies, actions and behavior.


The Message


Our rallying cry. Our stamp, our tag, our brand, our mark, our symbol that we will not accept a reality in which fear, hatred, violence and oppression determine the direction of our lives and threaten the safety and well-being of our fellow humans.

We heard this phrase spoken and suggested by John Oliver only a few days after the 2016 US presidential election and have watched it spread across the internet one status update, one tweet, one hashtag and once voice at a time. We want it shouted even louder and spread even further across the globe.

Buy one or several of our THIS IS NOT NORMAL stickers and in turn, donate to a series of incredible social organizations that desperately need your support.

Download our logo and swap out your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile photo to show that you are not willing to accept the normalization of hate speech, sexism, racism, nationalism or discrimination. (Also, download our special profile headers for Facebook and Twitter.)